An unlikely outreach tool

Toby.  Toby is my 65 pound adopted, rescued, formerly abandoned red bone hound.  We met his “foster family” before we sold our Government Street home.  When we were between homes, we were unfit to adopt since we didn’t have a stable home with a safe place for a dog.  Those rescue groups run a tight ship!  So when we bought the house on First Avenue, I contacted the folks and they still had Toby after those 2 months.  So after some paperwork, we adopted Toby.

Toby needs to walk.  So walk we do.  About 3 times a day, we take a mile or so walk around different routes of my Trinity Gardens neighborhood.  It can be 6 AM or 8PM, but every time we walk, we meet people.  We talk to children on the street.  We greet elderly folks on their porches.  A few ignore this grey-bearded white guy walking a red hound, but most folks look.  And ask questions.  So Toby has been my tool to reach out and make friends.  I’ve made so many acquaintances that I am having trouble with the names.  I have to ask forgiveness when I can’t remember upon our second encounter.

I look forward to seeing how God uses Toby in this ministry.  I believe that we will look back in a few years and remember his role in meeting folks.  Meeting folks, so that common community can be established.  Bridges of communication can be established.  Trust & love can flourish.  And Trinity Gardens can be transformed for the glory of God, the good of the city, and the salvation of all peoples.  And my heart can be transformed by the process.  Sola Deo Gloria.

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