Wisdom found

Trinity Family Ministries had its start working with youth at the rec center.  But another group of people that I feel drawn to is older black men. I love to meet and talk with an older black man with some grey hair or grey sprinkled through his beard. I see a man who has stories to tell.  He was born into a system of segregation and discrimination. He lived through the civil rights movement to see great changes but also knows where he is still left out of areas of society. Even this morning, I met Reuben Brown on a 6am walk with the dogs.  Didn’t get to talk long, but I hope I spend more time with him. In prior months, I have met Cozy Brown & Eugene White. And Monteil, Selwin, Vertis, Donald, Anthony, George, Larry, Stanley, & Red….  I don’t know all their last names yet but I do know that they are worth knowing. There is wisdom to be gleaned from their life experience.  I desire to know more of their lives so that mine may be enriched.


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