C.O. pending!

A certificate of occupancy.  The city permitting process for construction culminates with a certificate of occupancy that allows you to “dwell” in a newly constructed home.  Before that is issued, you are not supposed to “dwell” in that home.  We bought our property on April 29, 2013.  We sold our historic home of 13 years on April 15, 2014; received our building permit on April 18; poured the foundation on July 25 and passed all building inspections on December 12, 2014.  Just waiting on official paperwork now. What a whirlwind of life!

I started thinking about these words occupancy & dwelling.  I have a negative feeling about occupying something.  It sounds oppressive or aggressive.  I like the thought of dwelling in a home or in a community.  In the Old Testament, the Lord is said to dwell among his people.  The Hebrew word mishkan is translated as dwelling place.

As an outsider to Trinity Gardens who has moved in, I do not want to be seen as occupying. I do not want to be an occupier.  That sounds like an invading army taking over a land.  Not a positive way to love and interact with people created in the image of God.  My desire is to dwell.  To live and reside among the people of Trinity Gardens.  To love them and learn from them. To seek common ground in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To glorify God together by enjoying Him together.  We are in the season of Advent when we celebrate Christ coming to earth to dwell among us. I pray that I will dwell in Trinity Gardens with the love, mercy, & grace that can only be given by my Lord.  Merry Christmas and Happy Dwelling…..


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